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Portfolio Management

CharterMarkets advisors continually monitor market trends and macro-economic activity in order to better position your portfolio to generate strong growth and income.

With access to international markets, your CharterMarkets advisor can assist in establishing and managing a diversified portfolio across sectors, industries and geographic regions.

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Trading Advisory

CharterMarkets advisors cater to both investors and traders and are qualified to provide general trading advice across multiple instruments and asset classes.

Various short-medium term trading strategies can be deployed using a range of financial instruments, such as ETF’s and derivatives, in order to take advantage of changing market dynamics and conditions.

Whether it is hedging a high beta portfolio, or allocating some risk capital towards a more speculative directional move, your CharterMarkets advisor will assist you in implementing the most efficient strategy, in terms of risk:reward, by deploying the appropriate trading instruments which will look to best exploit the investment thesis or directional bias.

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Corporate Opportunities

Australia’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) market provides relatively easy access to new companies entering the capital markets from a wide range of industries. Like any company traded on the market, the success of an IPO relies upon the performance or potential performance of the company.

CharterMarkets, through its vast network and professional relationships, can assist both investors in participating in corporate transactions, in addition to companies wishing to raise capital to pursue their growth plans.

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Institutional Support & Platforms

CharterMarkets teams with strong third party partners in order to offer seamless trade execution and processing. Coupled with opportunities through strong market intelligence and product knowledge, CharterMarkets is able to provide solutions to institutional dealers and fund managers.

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