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CharterMarkets is a boutique trading and investment advisory firm specialising in advisory and dealing services to retail and wholesale clients. We are privately owned and help our clients manage their financial assets with fresh thinking to unlock opportunities whilst managing the inherent risks associated with financial markets.

CharterMarkets aims to provide the highest level of confidence to retail and wholesale investors across multiple products and markets. Our clients enjoy a strength of knowledge and experience from individual advisors assisting in portfolio management and trade advisory services, funds management and the very latest corporate opportunities.

With so many investment opportunities globally, it is important to have access to the latest news, information, research and strategic support when considering your next investment move. Using a depth of industry knowledge and a global reach, CharterMarkets is able to provide this access.

A division of the CharterPrime group of companies, CharterMarkets strives to extend and build upon the already high standards of service and reliability of CharterPrime into the equity and derivative markets, funds management and corporate opportunities across Australia and Asia.

Patrick Pecci

Managing Director

After graduating Bond University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance, Patrick Pecci began his career in the financial markets in 2001. His drive and dedication pathed the way for Patrick to become a leading senior advisor, successfully managing tens of millions of dollars in client equity and derivative portfolios.

Looking to take his career to the next level, in 2006 Patrick established a new equities desk for a prominent boutique CFD provider, building and training a team of advisors to assist in managing a HIN based ASX Equities & Options MDA totaling over $50 Million. Over the subsequent decade, Patrick continued to lead in the role of Head of Equities, establishing and growing various desks whilst managing in excess of $100 Million in client funds.

Having extensive experience in leading successful Trading and Investment desks, Patrick brings a wealth of expertise, business acumen and strong leadership to the CharterMarkets Group.

Mitchel Kay

Equities & Derivatives Advisor

Mitchel graduated from Griffith University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and Financial Planning. 

With a strong interest in equities and the financial markets Mitchel joined the CharterMarkets team in mid 2019. Here he continued his professional development and obtained further relevant professional accreditations in equities and derivatives. Mitchel brings his strong research and analytical skills to the CharterMarkets team. With a disciplined approach Mitchel values risk management and performance in his various equity and derivative strategies.

Highly motivated and driven, Mitchel looks forward to continually assisting his retail and wholesale clients in successfully managing their equities and derivatives portfolios.

SeongWeon Yun (Won)

Business Development Manager

As a first generation Korean immigrant to Australia, Won completed his Bachelor’s and MBA at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked as an international referee for Taekwondo and gained international experience in many countries around the world. Won has also coached athletes and students by running his own Taekwondo academy with an adjunct professor of sports management at Victoria University in Melbourne.

By applying his vast international experience in the competitive Taekwondo arena, in addition to the skills and knowledge obtained via his MBA, Won brings a disciplined and focused approach to business analysis and client management.

윤성원 매니저는 호주의 한국 이민 1세대로 호주 맬버른 소재 RMIT 대학에서 학사와 MBA를 마치고 태권도 국제 심판활동을 하며 세계 많은 나라들을 다니며 국제적인 활동 경험을 쌓았습니다.

또한 빅토리아 주립대학 스포츠 매지니먼트 겸임 교수, 호주 태권도 협회 이사 그리고 태권도 체육관을 운영 하며 선수와 학생을 지도 하였습니다. 
여러 국제 활동을 통해 글로벌 네트워크를 구축하였으며 MBA를 통해 기업을 분석하고 경영하는 공부를 하였고 이를 바탕으로한 오랜 투자의 경험으로  CharterMarket 고객들의 높은 수익을 위해 큰 역할을 하고 있습니다

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