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Investment Management

We identify market opportunities whilst recognising the need to actively manage the inherent risks that comes with investing.

Institutional dealing

CharterMarkets is pleased to delivers event driven opportunities through market intelligence and assist with market execution.

Corporate Advisory

CharterMarkets is able to assist companies with capital market and structuring advice when looking to list on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Managed Funds

CharterMarkets is able to provide domestic and foreign market access for increased diversification and opportunity in the managed funds space.

Investing with CharterMarkets

CharterMarkets is a relationship and results driven company. Our advisers focus on strong share portfolio management delivered through an unparalleled confidence in service. You can feel confident your adviser has the highest standard industry qualifications, market knowledge and experience to ensure your investment future is both long and prosperous.

Our Profile

CharterMarkets is a boutique trading and investment advisory firm specialising in advisory and dealing services to retail and wholesale clients. We are privately owned and help our clients manage their financial assets with fresh thinking to unlock opportunities whilst managing the inherent risks associated with financial markets.

CharterMarkets aims to provide the highest level of confidence to retail and wholesale investors across multiple products and markets. Our clients enjoy a strength of knowledge and experience from individual advisors assisting in portfolio management and trade advisory services, funds management and the very latest corporate opportunities.

With so many investment opportunities globally, it is important to have access to the latest news, information, research and strategic support when considering your next investment move. Using a depth of industry knowledge and a global reach, CharterMarkets is able to provide this access.

A division of the CharterPrime group of companies, CharterMarkets strives to extend and build upon the already high standards of service and reliability of CharterPrime into the equity and derivative markets, funds management and corporate opportunities across Australia and Asia.


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